The Havering Plan

Cleaner, Safer, Prouder - Together

Cllr white 08 approved

I hope you will agree with me that Havering is a fantastic place to live.

We have great parks and open spaces, great schools, bustling town centres and relatively low crime. 

As your Council Leader, my job is to protect what we love about living here while making the borough an even better place to live, work and do business.

Over the next year and beyond our focus will be on investing in cleaner streets, parks, community safety and improving our roads.

At the same time we will help young and old fulfil their ambitions through the delivery of a £3bn investment programme that will improve the borough as a place to live.

It will bring thousands of new jobs and genuinely affordable homes while helping to create new business opportunities.

We will do this while providing you with maximum value for money by keeping council tax increases as low as possible.

In future years your council will be smaller and smarter in the way that we deliver services while working more with our community as a team to get things done.

Havering has a fantastic future. 

It is both a huge privilege and responsibility to serve as your Council Leader.


Cllr Damian White

Leader of Havering Council

Our vision for Havering

Our vision for Havering from 2019 to 2020 is split across four priorities, opportunities, communities, places and connections.

Corporate Plan 2019 2020 - Opportunities header

Helping people get on in life by creating jobs and skills opportunities and building genuinely affordable homes

  • Jobs and skills training
  • Business growth
  • Value for money
  • Town centre improvements
Outcome We are doing it by... What we will deliver Measure of success
Delivering value for money Ensuring that our residents receive the best possible services at the lowest possible cost.

An annual savings programme to reduce the cost of delivering services.

Review of contracts to be carried out to identify long-term savings opportunities.

Maximise income from Council Tax and Business Rates collection.

Deliver £13 million of savings.

Reduce contract costs by £300,000.

Collect a minimum of 97 per cent of council tax and 98.7 per cent business rates

Only increase council tax to fund improvements to services.

Helping people succeed in life

Supporting people to gain a well-paid job by developing new skills and growing Havering’s economy.

Brokering sustainable employment opportunities.

Upskilling people in future growth sectors.

Ensuring that the Council’s regeneration and investment plans  go beyond bricks and mortar by improving lives through job opportunities.

A jobs brokerage service which matches people with local employment opportunities.

New training opportunities for residents by working with Havering College and the Mayor’s Construction Academy.

‘Social Value’ projects linked to the borough’s regeneration and investment programme.

Number of opportunities generated.

Social value statements agreed and delivered.

For Havering to be higher than the national average when it comes to supporting care leavers into employment, training  or education.

Helping our businesses grow

Attracting new investment that local business can benefit from.

Supporting existing and new businesses.

Supporting the growth of key employment sectors, including engineering, construction, manufacturing and creative industries.

Growing Rainham Employment Strategic Industrial Location (SIL).

Maximised contributions from  developers to Community Infrastructure Levy.

Investment in town centres.

Enable the development of high quality commercial space to support inward investment.

Bid to become a supply hub for the expansion of Heathrow.

Develop a Digital Innovation Hub in Rainham.

Secure new investment for Rainham SIL.

CIL and S106 agreed for investment in Havering.

Funding attracted through external funding streams to support growth.

Major commercial investments attracted to the borough.


Corporate Plan 2019 2020 - Communities header

Helping young and old fulfil their potential through high-achieving schools and by supporting people to live safe, healthy and independent lives

  • Best start in life
  • Stronger families
  • Healthy and active
  • Supporting the vulnerable
Outcome We are doing it by… What we will deliver Measures of success
Giving children the best start in life and helping them achieve at school

Expanding school places to meet demand.

Delivering a new free school for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Deliver our Ofsted improvement programme for Children’s Social Care.

School places expansion programme.

Confirm site and build timeframe for the new special free school.

Ofsted improvement  programme milestones for 2019/20.

Percentage of Havering parents receiving an offer of their first preference school.

Children’s Services rated as Good with Outstanding Features by 2022.

The needs of our most vulnerable residents are identified and met

Identifying and targeting support to people who need it the most.

Providing a Local Offer to young people who are leaving our care.

Stimulating the provider market to secure better services for vulnerable people, including those with autism.

Ensuring a zero tolerance against rogue landlords.

Develop predictive approaches in key areas that allow us to target support more precisely.

Deliver the Care Leaver Local Offer.

Further develop the market to expand the availability of Personal Assistants.

Implement the Additional Licensing Scheme for Housing of Multiple Occupation (HMO).

Impact of predictive approaches.

Percentage of care leavers in education, work or training.

Percentage of adult social care service users receiving direct payments.

Number of new HMO licenses issued.

Number of HMOs enforced against.

Havering residents are healthy and active

Adopting a council-wide approach to health and develop a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for 2018-21.

Integrating health visiting, school nursing and Early Help services including children’s centres.

Working with schools  and early year provision to improve health education.

Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy agreed by Heath and Wellbeing Board in July 2019.

Engage the public and partners in the redesign of health visiting and school nursing services.

Deliver ‘Healthy Early Years London’ (HEYL)  project and support schools to deliver a new health curriculum from 2020.

Percentage of physically inactive adults.

Percentage of children achieving a good level of development.

Number of settings registered with HEYL and Healthy Schools London. 

Families and communities look after themselves and each other

Supporting people to remain independent and live in their own homes while reducing the risk of homelessness.

Piloting the next generation of assistive technology.

Increasing community resilience to help people to look after themselves.

Reviewing our Housing Allocations Policy.

Further Integration of adult care and community health services to improve the delivery of those services.

Identify opportunities to develop assistive technology.

Work with communities to help design community hubs.

Advice and support to ensure residents receive appropriate housing according to their circumstances.

Delayed transfers of care (per 100,000 population).

Number of residents using assistive technology.

Number of people using community hubs.

Percentage of homelessness preventions and reliefs.


Corporate Plan 2019 2020 - Places header

Making sure that our neighbourhoods are a great place to live by investing in them and keeping them clean, green and safe with access to quality parks and leisure facilities

  • Clean and safe
  • Quality leisure facilities
  • Great parks
  • Genuinely affordable homes
Outcome We are doing it by… What we will deliver  Measures of success
Havering is kept clean and safe

Delivering  a new approach to safeguarding young people against risks including youth violence, exploitation and radicalisation.

Reducing incidents of violence in the borough.

Increasing the frequency of street cleaning in residential streets and providing a best value service for cleaning, waste and recycling. 

Improving air quality.

Design and deliver  an adolescent safeguarding hub to be implemented from September 2019.

Hold a Violent Crime Summit to drive action across partnership groups.

Deliver a waste minimisation campaign.

Deliver the  borough’s Air Quality Action Plan by the end of March 2020.

Number of young people who are engaged in the  preventative education programme.

Reducing the rate of violence with injury.

Level of waste per head of population.

Level of Nitrogen Dioxide recorded at selected sites.

Havering has excellent leisure facilities and award winning parks

Millions of pounds invested in excellent leisure and sporting facilities.

Keeping Havering green with parks and open spaces amongst the best in London.

Work underway on the new Hornchurch Leisure Centre.

New Green Flag awards achieved.

Increasing the number of people who use our leisure centres.

Number of parks with Green Flag status.

Provide quality and genuinely affordable homes

Deliver 500 Affordable Rented homes, 175 Low Cost Home Ownership properties and 200 units made up of other forms of affordable housing.

Bring forward the North West Romford Small Sites programmes.

Submission of planning applications for Solar, Serena and Sunrise Courts, Waterloo Estate and Bridge Close.

Demolish Napier and New Plymouth Houses and Solar, Serena and Sunrise Courts.

Number of new homes proposed in planning applications.

Feasibility of NW Romford scheme confirmed and Small Sites Delivery Strategy adopted.

Strengthening the attractiveness of our town centres

Delivering the Romford town centre Masterplan, based on the agreed vision for the next 10-15 years.

Developing  renewal and investment plans for each district town centre.

Working with local businesses to create a safe, diverse and vibrant evening experience.

Cabinet approval for the Romford masterplan for March 2020.

Work to start on the Rainham masterplan.

Assess the feasibility for a potential new Business Improvement District (BID) in Hornchurch.

Romford Masterplan developed by December 2019.

Submission of external funding bids for district town centre renewal.

BID feasibility study completed for Hornchurch.

Improving our housing estates Investing £10 million into a housing estate improvement programme We will start the process of commissioning an estate improvement programme to enhance the quality of the communal surroundings and estates, which will include external deep cleaning, replacing dilapidated fencing, upgrading lighting and environmental improvements.

Programme delivered on time and to budget.

Increased tenant and leaseholder satisfaction.


Corporate Plan 2019 2020 - Connections header

Making it easier for people to get around and online by investing in road, transport links, faster internet and free Wi-Fi in town centres

  • Road improvements
  • Better public transport
  • Broadband investment
  • Digital access and skills
Outcome We are doing it by… What we will deliver Measures of success
Making it easy to get around

Investing in transport routes and connections that make it easier to get into London, get around the borough and travel across Essex.

Delivering a consistent and sustainable approach to parking to meet the needs of residents, businesses and visitors.

Explore the feasibility of a Havering North to South Tram Link.

Enable the comprehensive delivery of the Beam Parkway development, including a new station and transport links.

Implement the new Parking and Highways Strategy for Havering.

Potential routes and costings for North to South connection to be completed by the end of September 2019.

Beam Parkway A1306 works to start by the end of August 2019.

Work programme and schemes approved by end June 2019.

Improving roads and pavements £40 million invested over four years to resurface roads and  pavements and fix potholes. Delivery of a comprehensive roads and pavement improvement programme.

Annual programme delivered to time and budget.

Number of potholes repaired with a permanent fix.

Using technology to improve the way we live

Rolling out super-fast broadband and free Wi-Fi across our town centres.

Delivering digital improvements to enhance the customer experience and enable self-service.

Ensuring that good customer experience is at the heart of our Digital Service design and the wider delivery of public services.

Roll out broadband and Wi-Fi to all town centres.

Digital Strategy developed and approved by mid-2019.

Promote digital awareness and digital skills development within the community.

Percentage of the borough with fast and affordable broadband access.

Percentage of council services that are accessible digitally.

Proportion of publicly accessible Council facilities offering residents assistance to access digital services.

Our enablers - What will help us get there?


Working as a team with our community to tackle local challenges and improve life in our neighbourhoods.


Making better use of technology to make life easier for our residents and to reduce the cost of pubic services.

Better use of assets

Optimising the use of council assets to improve the customer experience, increase income and reduce cost. 


Developing a more commercial approach to the way that we deliver public services by understanding the true cost of delivering services which will lead to more efficient procurement and contract control.

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