A-boards blocking the pavement

A boards are kind of advertising structure that are on the pavement.A-board guideance image

A licence is not needed but A-boards should follow the code of practice to keep pavements safe and tidy.

However the owner must have public liability insurance with a minimum cover of over £5million and to indemnify the Council for any claims associated with the A-board.

Public liability insurance can be obtained from most insurance brokers. 

Code of practice

Owners of A-boards must follow the code of practice otherwise the A-board will be removed and there is a cost for its return.

  • Only one A-board per business
  • At least two metres between the A board and the edge of the pavement
  • The A-board must be placed touching the business
  • A boards must not exceed 1 meter an d 20 cm in height and the area covered by the base must not exceed 75cm by 75cm
  • The A board can only be displayed during the business's open
  • The A board must only display information relating to the business it is advertising
  • Proof of public liability insurance must be made available to a council officer immediately if requested.
  • it must not obscure road signs or access to any other premises or land and must  not be attached to  street furniture

Removal of A-boards

A-boards not meeting the code of practice shall be removed without notice.

A-boards breaking the code of practice can be reported to streetsceneenforcement@havering.gov.uk

If not claimed within 14 days they will be disposed of.

A boards can be reclaimed by emailing streetsceneenforcement@havering.gov.uk


The business will be liable for the following costs if their A-board is seized.

  • Removal cost: £119
  • Storage cost per week/part week: £11
  • Disposal cost:£33
  • Return cost (collection only):£60

Total cost if not collected within 14 days: £217

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