Extension of property licensing consultation

We are holding a consultation to extend the current additional licensing scheme from 12 to 18 wards and on also introducing selective licensing in Brooklands and Romford Town. The consultation runs until 20 September 2019. Have your say

Fire safety in council homes

  • we have an ongoing programme to ensure all its properties received a regular full fire risk assessment
  • we continue to invest as necessary as part of the ongoing major works programme
  • we work closely with London Fire Brigade (LFB) and meets regularly with them, both on an operational and fire safety level, informing them of progress on the risk profile of the borough and other issues
  • LFB assists us in advising residents on fire safety and fitting smoke alarms inside their homes
  • in February 2015, all fire risk works to all high rise and lower/more complex housing were complete

As a council, we are doing all that we can to keep our residents safe fire, but you can help too by following this advice:

  • make sure you have at least one working smoke alarm per floor in your home
  • keep balconies free from clutter - don’t leave rubbish or bikes in communal areas or obstruct escape routes
  • make sure you know where your nearest fire exit is
  • do not smoke in common areas of the block
  • always fully extinguish cigarettes smoked in your home and dispose of them carefully and safely
  • close internal doors at night to prevent fire from spreading
  • make sure to have gas appliances safety checked

Remember, if there is a fire in your home

  • never use a lift
  • do not try to fight the fire yourself
  • call 999 from any phone

Advice for you - Fire safety factsheets

Fire safety in sheltered housing

Fire safety in your home

Free home safety visits

The London Fire Brigade has information about fire safety on its website and also carries out Home Fire Safety Visits (HFSV) in Havering, as part of which we will fit a free smoke alarm where this is needed.

We especially want to target referrals from people who we know to be most at risk from fire ie those without a working smoke alarm in their home, people who smoke and/or those who could not escape from their home in the event of fire unaided.

Find out more about free home fire safety visits

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