Asbestos could be found in houses built before 2000. If undamaged and in an area unlikely to be disturbed or damaged then it should not cause any harm.

However if disturbed or damaged it can cause the fibres to be released. This can cause a serious risk to health. If this happens it needs to be removed safely as soon as possible.

Removal of asbestos

We recommend that you do not attempt to repair or remove the asbestos yourself. Only trained specialists should remove asbestos.

If you are Council tenant please complete the Ask Housing online form and an inspection will be arranged.

If you rent privately contact your landlord. Your landlord has a duty of care to ensure your home is safe in regards to asbestos.

If you are a home owner we recommend finding an approved asbestos remover on the Buy With Confidence website.

The City of London Corporation provides a collection service for wrapped asbestos to London boroughs.

Further information about asbestos can be found on the Health and Safety Executive website.

However we will accept asbestos from residents at Gerpins Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre.

You need to contact the Centre before you arrive for advice on how to wrap and transport the asbestos (wrapping the material ensures that your vehicle is not contaminated with asbestos and that anyone handling your waste at the household site is also protected from risk).