If someone has passed away then we need to be told.

You can call us on 01708 433 997 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

If the person who died lived with another person over 18 and they remain in the property then we will put the account in their name.

We would need the date the person passed away and the name of the person now living there and a copy of the death certificate.

If there is only one person in the property over 18 they can apply for a single resident discount. To apply please register for a MyHavering account and then click the council tax button. You can then register for your council tax online account and apply for your discount.

For help on registering for your council tax account please visit our Your online Council Tax account page

Tell us once

When you notify us of a death at the registry office we will also tell you about our tell us once service. This is where we enter the details of the death on a database. You can then complete a short interview by telephone or online and then Council departments will be informed of the death.

Empty properties

If the person that passed away was the only person living in the house then we need to know if they owned the house.

If they didn't own it we would put the Council Tax in the owner’s name from the date they passed away.

If they owned the property and it is now empty then we put a hold on the account from the date of death. We would then need a copy of the death certificate and the details of the executors. 

Once we receive the death certificate we put an exemption on the account until probate is granted.

Sometimes a refund is due or Council Tax is still owed. The closing statement is sent to the executors to include in the estate.

If anyone moves into the property then we need to be informed and we would put the Council Tax in their name from the date they move in.

Once there is a new owner of the property we would need to put the Council Tax in their name from the date they became owners.

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