Extension of property licensing consultation

We are holding a consultation to extend the current additional licensing scheme from 12 to 18 wards and on also introducing selective licensing in Brooklands and Romford Town. The consultation runs until 20 September 2019. Have your say

Appeals and reviews

You can appeal against any decision made in relation to the following:

  • rejection of a housing application
  • suspension of application for any reason
  • cancellation of application

Any such appeal must be lodged with the Reviews and Quality Assurance Officer within 21 days from the date upon which it has been received.

You may do so by letter to that officer, using the form linked to this page, or by email to the address below.

Make a housing allocation appeal online

You can also email housingapplicationappeal@havering.gov.uk


You can appeal against any decision with regards to which type of tenancy you have been offered by us, be it a fixed-term tenancy of three or five years.

You must use the form provided at the time of offer and only appeal such decisions if you consider there has been a breach of the Council's published Tenancy Strategy.

These forms can be sent by post to the Reviews and Quality Assurance Officer within 21 days of the tenancy being signed, or by email to the below address.

It can take up to 28 days for a decision to be made.

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