Weekly recycling collection (Orange sacks)

Where and when should I leave my orange sacks out for collection?

Please leave your orange sacks on the floor, just inside your property boundary nearest the pavement before 7am.

It is important that sacks are placed on the boundary of your property and not grouped together with other residents' waste and/or on grass verges, by a post or on the public highway (including footpaths).

Please note waste sacks cannot be collected from wheeled bins.

Please do not leave sacks on top of walls or bins as this can lead to them snagging and spilling during collection and pose a safety hazard to our crew.

If you live in a flat please see our collections for flats page.

What goes in your orange sacks?

  • Mixed paper and card including newspapers, magazines, white paper, envelopes, junk mail and thick card.
  • Plastic bottles - Please empty first and then replace the lid.
  • Food tins and drink cans - Please rinse first.
  • Cardboard - Flattened and placed next to your orange sack if too big for the sack.
  • Aerosol cans.
  • Clean kitchen foil and clean foil trays.
  • Glass bottles and jars – Rinse and replace lids.
  • Plastic pots, tubs and trays – Remove any plastic film and dispose and don’t forget to wash and squash.

Please do not put any other waste in your orange sacks as these will contaminate them.

What can't go in the orange sacks?

Not sure if something goes in your sack or you should be doing something else with it? Use our 'what item goes where' search facility to get information about what to do with your unwanted items.

What item goes where recycling and waste guide

If you are still struggling to recycle any of the above items that cannot be placed in the orange sacks, try not to produce these types of waste in the first place. See the Reducing Waste section for more information and advice.

Get extra recycling sacks

A roll of 16 orange sacks are delivered to each household every 13 weeks.

Extra orange sacks are available if you need more and can be collected from our libraries.

Alternatively you could ask a friend or neighbour if they have any leftover orange sacks.

Remember, you can fit more in your orange sacks if you crush down plastic bottles and tins before you put them in. Rinsing them out with water first also helps with recycling and means that you can keep the sacks longer without them starting to smell. 

When is your collection day?

Check your next collection day

Your next collection day may be different to your normal collection day over a bank holiday period. You can check for changes on our bank holiday collections page.

Has your orange sack been missed?

Report a missed collection

Has your orange sack been split?

Split sacks

Has a sticker been left on your sack?

Stickered sacks

Any other questions about your orange sack?

Please use our Ask Environment form and select 'other' from the dropdown to send us your enquiry.

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