Weekly rubbish collections (Black sacks)

Where and when should I leave my black sacks out for collection?

Please leave your black sacks on the ground, just inside your property boundary nearest the pavement before 7am on your collection day.

It is important that sacks are placed within the boundary of your property and not grouped together with other residents' waste and / or on grass verges, by a post or on the public highway (including footpaths).

Please note waste sacks cannot be collected from wheeled bins.

Please do not leave bags on top of walls or bins as this can lead to them snagging and spilling during collection.

If you live in a flat please see our collections for flats page for instructions about your collection.

What can and can't go in your black sacks?

Black sacks are for your general household waste only.

For more information on what shouldn't be put in the black sacks please see our recycling centre page. Items can be taken to the local reuse and recycling centre but a permission may be required.

Don't put anything too big in a sack. For large items you can order a bulky collection or you may be able to take it to a rubbish or recycling site.

We will collect some electronics and batteries as recycling. Please do not put these in the black sack. See our recycling batteries and electronics page for details

If you put items in your bags that are not allowed we will not collect them. We will put a sticker on them telling you this and you will need to dispose of the items in the correct way.

To help keep our crews safe please make sure:

  • broken glass is well wrapped
  • dog mess is well wrapped
  • knives should be taken to Gerpins Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre, they can also be taken to police stations
  • you do not put bleach, pepper or curry powder on bags to keep animals away as it can be cause irritation to crew members' eyes

Please don't use charity branded sacks for rubbish collections as we may mistake them for donations and leave them behind.

Not sure if something goes in your sack or you should be doing something else with it? Use our 'what item goes where' search facility to get information about what to do with your unwanted items.

What item goes where recycling and waste guide

When is your collection day?

Check your next collection day

Your next collection day may be different to your normal collection day over a bank holiday period. You can check for changes on our bank holiday collections page.

Has your black sack been missed?

Report a missed collection

Has your black sack been split?

Split sacks

Has a sticker been left on your sack?

Stickered sacks

What happens to your waste?

Read the East London Waste strategy to see how waste is handled

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