Multiple PCNs being issued

Apologies if you have received multiple parking tickets for the same contravention, date and time. Please do not pay or appeal. Please send an email to and put “Multiple Parking tickets” into the subject heading and provide a PCN reference number and vehicle registration number. A member of our Parking Team will reply via email as soon as possible.

Apply for a dropped kerb

You can make a request to lower the pavement immediately outside your property. This is normally when you want to connect your driveway to the road.

We will come and do the work and you can apply for us to get you a quote from this page.

Before you apply for us to build a dropped kerb

Do you need planning permission?

Please see the list of Havering roads that require you to have planning permission before you apply for a dropped kerb and an example of the type of plan that needs to be submitted with your application.

The householder applications form can be used for applications in the majority of residential properties. If you are in a flat or maisonette, please use the full planning permission form.

Apply for planning permission for your dropped kerb

Want an estimate before you apply?

You will find an estimate calculator in the application form to give you a guide price.

Applying for us to build a dropped kerb

When you apply for us to build a dropped kerb at your property there is a non-refundable £210 application fee.

When making your application please take care to read the terms and conditions on the first page of the application form.

Upon receiving your application we will come and inspect the location and send you a quote for the works.

Once we have received payment for the full amount the dropped kerb will be installed within the estimated time frame given in the quote.

Apply for us to build a dropped kerb

Please note, it is illegal to have a dropped kerb constructed by anybody other than ourselves or our approved contractors.

Any dropped kerbs constructed by a non-approved contractor will be removed and the footway reinstated by us at your expense.

Having a dropped kerb does not automatically mean your route to the road will always be clear. Read our leaflet about the rules for parking by a driveway

Pay for a dropped kerb

If you have had a final qoute from us and we have asked you to make a payment for your dropped kerb please use the form below.

Pay for a dropped kerb

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