Bus lane contraventions not enforced during the festive period

Bus lane contraventions will not be enforced by our CCTV static cameras on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New year’s day, however, all other contraventions covered by the static CCTV cameras will be enforced as stated.

Permit parking areas, controlled parking zones and restrictions

A controlled parking zone (CPZ) is an area in which all kerbside space is controlled either by waiting or loading restrictions or by designated parking spaces.

Some controlled parking zones have permit only parking restrictions in place for residents and businesses between certain hours. A sign at the entrance to the street will show that parking is for permit holders only.

Permit only parking areas

Some controlled parking zones have areas which are prioritised for local residents and businesses during busy hours in the day and they are enforced to help local residents and their visitors park near their homes.

If you are in a permit parking area you must display a parking permit or visitor voucher on your vehicle.

Find local permit parking areas

Controlled parking zone restrictions

There are several types of restriction in a controlled parking zone.

Lines along the side of the road are used to show where restrictions on stopping and waiting apply.

A double red line means no stopping for any purpose at any time. Except in an emergency or to set down or pick up a disabled person.

A single red line has the same meaning, but only applies at the times stated on the signs that face the moving traffic.

Single and double yellow lines control waiting. Even where waiting is prohibited, if you can do so safely you may set down and pick up passengers and may also stop to load or unload goods unless this is prohibited by short yellow kerb marks.

See all the restrictions in Havering on our TraffWeb map

Using the TraffWeb map to see restrictions

  1. Read and click on 'I Accept'.
  2. Zoom in to the area you want to see restrictions for.
  3. Click on 'Legend' on the left side menu.
  4. Select and deselect restrictions from that list.


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