Bus lane contraventions not enforced during the festive period

Bus lane contraventions will not be enforced by our CCTV static cameras on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New year’s day, however, all other contraventions covered by the static CCTV cameras will be enforced as stated.

Street parking charges

To help with parking near to local amenities we have a number of pay and display parking spaces.

Using pay and display parking bays (On-street parking)

All pay and display parking machines in Havering accept various sterling coin payments. 

You are expected to have change before parking in a parking bay as none of the Council Pay and Display machines issue change. Alternatively you can pay by using your phone by calling, texting or downloading a phone app for Phone and Pay. Just follow the information on the machines to use the service or find out more about Phone and Pay calls, texts and app on their website.

Please note: There is a transaction fee to use the Phone and Pay service (calls, texts and app) but not if you use cash. Charges are 5p where the transaction total is less than £1 (except for the 30 min free bookings) and 10p where the transaction total is over £1.

If you have not used the pay by phone facility, pay and display tickets must be displayed in your vehicle at all times. This includes the free 30 minute parking stay (where applicable).

Please do look at the appropriate tariff and durations displayed on the pay and display machine for the parking bay that you wish to use.

Vehicles must not be left in a pay and display bay without displaying a valid ticket or a Blue Badge ,with the appropriate time clock, or having been paid for by using the phone and pay facility.

Charges for pay and display

Romford Town Centre - Maximum stay 2 hours

0-12 Minutes 20p
12-30 Minutes 60p
30 Minutes - 1 Hour £1.00
1 Hour to 1 Hour 30 Minutes £1.60
1 Hour 30 Minutes - 2 Hours £2.00

Outside Romford Town Centre - Maximum stay 3 hours

Up to 30 Minutes Free
Up to 2 Hours £1.50
Up to 3 Hours £2.00

Suspended parking bays

Parking bays may be suspended for highways works, special events or other reasons, you must therefore check the Pay and display machine each time you park.

Any vehicle parked in a suspended bay is liable (even with a valid Blue Badge displayed) to receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Broken or faulty machines

If the pay and display machine displays 'Out of Order' or fails to issue a ticket you must purchase one from the nearest available machine (within the same location) or use the phone and pay facility.

Please report the machine fault on 01708 432787 Option 2.

If you have received a PCN because a machine was broken, then you will need to follow the PCN payment appeals process and make a note of the machine that was faulty.

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