Covid 19 - Opening and operating your business premises safely

GOV.UK advice for being covid-safe

The GOV.UK website online manual 'Working safely during coronavirus' covers all the guides you'll need to operate in a covid-safe way.

Go to the GOV.UK working safely during coronavirus online manual

Risk assessment

Covid 19 business risk assessment template

Face masks

GOV.UK guide on when to use a mask and how to make them

Social distancing and hygiene

The government has detailed guidance on how to reduce the risk of coronavirus in the workplace so you can work safely.

Read the guidance from the GOV.UK website

Check for legionella

Water systems within your premises have not been in operation for some time or have been used at lower rates than in usual periods therefore legionella may have had time to grow in stagnant water within the pipework. 

Ahead of reopening, you are going to have to do some work to the water system to ensure it is safe to use. The level of work required will be determined by the type of water system in the premises.

Download legionella advice from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Pest control

You must check your premises for pest infestation.

If you find evidence such as droppings or chewing, you must contact a reputable pest control company.


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