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Coronavirus - Child employment and performance licences

We have stopped issuing licenses for Children in Entertainment, Child Work Permits and for Chaperones/Matrons for most performances until further notice. If the performance is for a public health information item or similar please call 01708 434600 to discuss.


Licence regulations stipulate either a parent of the child performing or named chaperone is present at any place of performance. This is required to ensure that the child or young person is treated kindly; their health is not compromised and they remain safe. Havering Council has a statutory duty to approve any person resident within the Local Authority who wishes to be licensed as a chaperone.

Who can act as a chaperone?

Anyone wishing to act in the capacity of a chaperone, other than the child's parent, will require a licence. All chaperones must be licensed by the local authority in which they live and should be able to produce their licence if required to do so whenever they are working.

Chaperone's responsibilities

Although the production company will be responsible for ensuring facilities meet the legal requirement for children, it is important to remember that the chaperone's overall responsibility is to the welfare of the child, and not to the director/producer.

  • A chaperone is expected to exercise the care a good parent might be reasonably expected to give.
  • except while they are in charge of an approved tutor, children must be under the supervision of the chaperone all the time they are at the place of performance.

To ensure that all requirements are being met, a representative of the council may carry out an inspection of any production taking place in the borough whenever children are part of the production.

How to apply

To become a registered chaperone to children in entertainment you will need to complete a chaperone licence application as well as a DBS disclosure application form (if not already obtained) and complete chaperone/safeguarding training.

Chaperone/safeguarding training is mandatory for all Havering chaperones.

The recommended online training course is facilitated by the NSPCC.

Find out more about the NSPCC safeguarding course

Please be aware you will be required to provide us with a copy of your course certificate when you apply for a chaperone licence.

Apply for a chaperone licence

Your licence 

You will receive your licence pending two satisfactory references; successful DBS and completion of the chaperone/safeguarding training. 

Renewing your licence

Your licence will run until the expiry of your DBS. Renewal of your licence is subject to the above procedure being repeated.

For further information on child chaperone licences, please contact:

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