Have you been paid too much benefit?

If you have been paid too much Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support, this is known an overpayment.

This can happen if you delay telling us about a change in your income or household circumstances.

How we recover Council Tax Support overpayments

Council Tax Support overpayments are debited to your Council Tax account, which increases the amount you have to pay. You will receive an amended bill which tells you how much to pay. There is more information on the Council Tax web page.

How we recover Housing Benefit overpayments

We will either make a weekly deduction from your Housing Benefit until the overpayment is cleared or send an invoice.

If you are no-longer receiving Housing Benefit and have not arranged to pay back the overpayment, we can make deductions from other state benefits you receive.

How you repay

You can pay your overpayment by debit card using the link below

Pay your overpayment

Or you can call our 24 hr automated payment line on 0300 456 0630.

Direct Debit: The easiest way to pay with a choice of three payment dates is by Direct Debit. Please contact us on 01708 432304.

You can request an arrangement by e-mail at overpayments@havering.gov.uk

What happens if you don't pay back Housing Benefit overpayments?

If you do not pay your overpayment invoice action may be taken to:

  • use Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) may remove and sell your goods.
  • make you bankrupt
  • take payment directly from your bank or building society accounts
  • contact your employer to make deductions direct from your earnings.

Your credit rating may be affected and you may incur additional fees and interest.

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