Birth re-registrations

Re-registrations are required when:

  • the mother marries the biological father of the child after the birth was registered.
  • the father's name was not on the birth certificate, but the mother now wants this added

To apply to re-register a birth, please complete one of the downloadable forms below.

You will be instructed on whether your form should be sent to our local register office, Langton's.

Once your application has been authorised, you will be provided with a unique reference number which you will need to book you re-registration appointment.

It is in the best interests of the child (and a legal requirement) that the birth be re-registered where necessary. Failure to re-register may affect the legal rights of both child and parents.


Re-registration following marriage or civil partnership

For use when the biological parents of a child have married or formed a civil partnership since the birth occurred.

Even if the father's details were originally entered in the birth register, and even if the child has the father's surname.

Re-registration to add the biological father's details

For use when wishing to add the biological father's details to a child's original birth registration.

This is applicable if the original registration does not show any of the father's details and where the biological parents were not married or in a civil partnership with each other when the child was born and have not married or formed a civil partnership since the birth.

Registration office to send applications to

Completed applications should be sent to:

Langtons House
Billet Lane
RM11 1XJ

Booking your appointments

Once you have received your unique reference number, please email to book your birth re-registration appointment.


Re-registering a birth is free of charge. If you wish to purchase a short and/or full birth certificate showing the updated re-registration details, they will cost £11 each and these can be purchased at the time of the re-registration appointment.

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