Bus lane contraventions not enforced during the festive period

Bus lane contraventions will not be enforced by our CCTV static cameras on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New year’s day, however, all other contraventions covered by the static CCTV cameras will be enforced as stated.

Roadworks and road closures in Havering

For updates of roadworks taking place in havering and to receive email alerts so you know when roadworks start and finish near you, use our roadworks map.

View the Havering roadworks map

The map defaults to today's date so to search for future roadworks click on the options on the date box.

Please note you can search up to 10 years in to the future but you can only go back 5 days from today's date if looking for historical records.

The same box can be used to type in an exact search location.

Roadworks.org drop-downs

Click on the 'map and pin' symbol on the left of the map to open the map layer menu where you can select the levels of information you want displayed.

Roadworks.org map layers

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