Help with applying for building regulation approval

Building regulation approval is different from planning permission.

Find out if your project requires building regulation approval by checking the Planning Portal Common Projects site. 

You can also contact us for advice:

Choose the type of application you need

Building notice

This is most suitable for minor projects like small extensions or changes inside your home.

However, if a building or extension is near a public sewer, you’ll need to make a full plans application, unless consent to build over or near a public sewer is obtained from Thames Water Utilities or Anglian Water Services, and a copy of this consent is submitted with the application.

You should make your building notice application at least 48 hours in advance of starting work.

Full plans application

This is the most detailed application suitable for larger, more complex projects.

You must make a full plans application if you are building near a public sewer, or if the building is anything other than a house or flat with its own entrance.

To make a full plans submission you will need to prepare, or have prepared detailed plans of your proposals drawn to a suitable scale.

Detailed plans will need to include any necessary sections, plan views and elevations to clearly show the proposed building work and its effect on any existing buildings (in the case of extensions to existing buildings).

You will also need a plan to a scale of not less than 1:1250 indicating the size and position of the building, or building as extended in relation to its boundaries/curtilage, neighbouring buildings and adjoining streets.

You will also need to give details of the materials it is intended to use in the carrying out of your project.

If you are applying for a Fast Track Application please add a note to your proposal on the form.

Once we have received your application it will go through a validation process to ensure the relevant documents and charges have been submitted.

The application will then be registered and acknowledged.


This application gives the owner of the property the opportunity to regularise work which was carried out without approval on or after 11 November 1985.

When you submit your application, you should provide as much information as you can (plans, calculations, invoices, photographs etc.) to show the work complies with building regulations.

In some circumstances, it may be necessary for you to expose all or part of the structural work in order to prove that it meets regulations, although we will try and avoid this if at all possible.

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