Making a freedom of information request

Before making a Freedom of Information request please visit our Data Intelligence Hub. The information you are looking for may already be there.

Visit the Data Intelligence Hub

If the information is not there you can make your freedom of information request the following ways:

Please make sure your request is specific and includes an email or postal address for us to respond to.​

We will respond within 20 working days following the date of receipt. We will:

  • confirm whether we have the information
  • provide the information if we are able to
  • advise of any exemptions stopping us providing the information
  • advise your rights of appeal
  • provide advice and assistance

NNDR Freedom of information requests

Our business liability data is updated every three months and is available online.


There is no standard cost to receive information and in many cases the information will be provided to you free of charge.

We can refuse a request if we estimate that it will cost us more than £450. This is called the cost limit.

Where the limit is exceeded we will contact you to let you know. We will request payment if you still want the information but we also give you an option of refining your request.

Payment is made by cheque or postal order.

Personal Information

Requests for personal information e.g. name of ratepayer, will not be responded to and will be redacted as they are exempted under section 40 of the Data Protection Act.

Empty Properties

Request for information about empty properties will not be responded to as they are exempted Section 31 of the Freedom of Information Act.

Properties that are vacant are vulnerable to crime and break ins.

Empty properties also would allow an intruder to remain in the property without being disturbed, as well use of the property for illegal or anti-social activities and so increases the risk of crime in or around empty.


Request for information about credits on accounts will not be responded to as they are exempted under Section 31 on the Freedom of Information Act.

Properties that hold a credit on their account are open to fraudulent claims for this refund.

Therefore to reduce the possibility of fraud, details are not passed out of credits.

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