Subletting council homes and tenancy fraud

Tenants are committing fraud if they have a tenancy with the council but live elsewhere and sublet the property to another person.

If a property is unsuitable tenants should consider a mutual exchange or downsizing or rent privately.

Tenancy fraud also includes providing false information when applying for housing and illegally applying to take over a tenancy of someone who has died.

Property inspectionscampaign image of hand knocking on a door

Council officers make regular unannounced visits on all properties.

During the visits officers will ask to enter the property so that they can see whether the people living there match the people registered as council tenants.

They will also take photographs to confirm who is living there, and will check that the property is being properly maintained and isn’t being used for illegal purposes.

What happens if someone is caught?

If you are caught committing tenancy fraud:

  • you and the person you are subletting to will be evicted
  • you could be fined up to £50,000
  • you could face up to 2 years in prison

Key Amnesty

If you are illegally subletting your property, surrender your keys before January 2018, and if you are not being investigated at that time, no further action will be taken.

You can do this by calling our tenancy fraud hotline on 01708 432405 (9am to 5pm) or visiting Chippenham road in Harold Hill.

£1,000 reward

If you know someone is committing tenancy fraud and provide information leading to us retaking control of the property you can receive a reward of £1,000.

Any personal details provided will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Report illegal subletting

Call our tenancy fraud hotline on 01708 432405 (9am to 5pm) or Complete our tenancy fraud online form.

You can report fraud anonymously but if you want to be considered for the whistle blower reward we will not share your details.

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