Right to Buy (buy your council home)

The Right to Buy scheme allows council tenants to buy their home from us and gives tenants a discount on the open market.​

Are you eligible?

To qualify for the Right to Buy scheme:

  • you need to have been a public sector tenant for at least three years in total
  • you do not need to have lived at your present address for five years if you've already held tenancies elsewhere but you do have to be a secure tenant

Check your eligibility on the GOV.UK Right to Buy pages

Applying for a Right to Buy

To apply for the Right to Buy scheme you will need to complete and return all of the following forms:

Please complete these forms and return to righttobuy@havering.gov.uk

You can also read the Local Government guide to Your Right to Buy Your Home.

There is further information on Right to Buy on the GOV.UK website. There is also a PDF guide on Right to Buy.

There is more information on leasing your property available. 

Be wary of companies who offer Right to Buy help

These companies often charge thousands of pounds and if their fees are added to your mortgage you will pay interest on them.

We do not make any kind of charge for processing your application.

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