Anti-social behaviour on council estates

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is any act that causes, or is likely to cause, alarm, harassment or distress to anyone living in a different household to the person responsible.

Examples of ASB include:

  • noise nuisance
  • drug taking and dealing
  • threatening or rowdy behaviour
  • violence and disorder
  • vandalism

Tell us about anti-social behaviour

To help us investigate, please read our ASB booklet and complete our ASB diary sheets to gather evidence. Please then report the issue to us.

Report anti-social behaviour on a council estate online

Please note this form is for reporting an issue on a council estate. To report anti-social behaviour you see in the wider community please go to our anti-social behaviour in the community page.

Serious ASB issues involving violence, domestic violence or hate crime can be reported on our emergency contact number 01708 434000 Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

After 5pm and Saturdays phone 01708 434343.

You can report anti-social behaviour by emailing

Our response to anti-social behaviour will depend on how bad it is and how often it happens. We will use appropriate action to change behaviour and stop unacceptable behaviour.

The safety and welfare of the victim is a priority and we will carry out a risk assessment to help us determine our response.

This may include:

  • prevention
  • investigation
  • intervention
  • enforcement

Tenants and leaseholders causing ASB

Tenants who commit anti-social behaviour could put their tenancy at risk. Please read your tenancy agreement for more information.

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