How to help rough sleepers in the cold weather

Because of the current low temperatures the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol is now in place to ensure that no one needs to sleep on Havering’s streets during the cold spell. If you spot someone sleeping rough call 01708 432824, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. After 5pm please call 01708 433999. You can also visit StreetLink to help

Your tenancy agreement

​​Your tenancy agreement will contain details of:

  • tenancy agreement and keys
  • your rent and other charges
  • your responsibilities as a tenant
  • the council's responsibilities
  • changing the terms of your tenancy
  • how to end your tenancy
  • other conditions

There are three types of tenancies:

Introductory tenancies 

When you become a Council tenant you are asked to sign a tenancy agreement between you and the Council.

Secure fixed term tenancies 

Since April 2013 new council tenants have been given a secure fixed term tenancy after one year of being an introductory tenant.

Once you have become a fixed term secure tenant and as long you keep to the terms of your tenancy, you have the right to occupy the premises for as long as your tenancy lasts.

Secure tenancies 

Residents who were already council tenants before April 2013 will have secure tenancies.

Tenant Management Organisations (TMO) tenancies 

Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs)​​ manage properties on behalf of the Council. However, the Tenancy Agreement signed by the tenant is between the Council and the tenant.​​

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