Housing exchanges for council tenants

A mutual exchange is when two (or more) tenants permanently exchange their homes, with the prior permission of their respective landlord. ​

A mutual exchange can take place between Council and/or private and housing association tenants who hold a secure, assured or introductory tenancy.​

Why consider a mutual exchange?

  • the waiting time for being rehoused through the Housing Register can be very lengthy
  • mutual exchange is not based on priority need so it can be quicker move using this method
  • you can exchange to anywhere within the UK and can inspect the property before you agree

How do I find an exchange partner?

Register for free on Home Swapper. Once registered you can search for exchange partners locally and nationwide.

Register with Home Swapper

You can also look online for ‘mutual exchange’ and this will bring up a list of companies you can register with, some will be free to register with while other companies will charge a fee.

When advertising your property:

  • make a list of all the good features of your home
  • get good quality colour photographs
  • describe local services like sports centres, shops and parks
  • mention bus stops and train stations

What next?

If an agreement to exchange is made both tenants should then apply in writing to their landlords.

Tenants of Havering Council should complete the Mutual Exchange Application form to be completed by themselves and their exchange partner.

If you are unable to download the mutual exchange application form email housingneeds@havering.gov.uk and a paper application form will be sent to your address.

Please be aware the Council can refuse an exchange.​

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