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Health and safety inspections

Health and safety inspections are carried out on a routine basis without prior notification, and high risk premises are visited more frequently.​

Topic based inspections are carried out to target advice at specific issues.

During inspections

During an inspection, officers will need to be satisfied that any hazards to people's health, safety and welfare, which arise out of or in connection with work have been identified, and the

associated risks adequately controlled. Further information about Health and Safety Inspections can be found in Health and Safety Executive Publications.


Inspecting officers will look at the level of health and safety training of managers and employees to ensure that it is suitable. Checks will also be made on the adequacy of structural and

environmental conditions, and that plant and equipment are safe.

Inspectors mainly try to help employers by giving advice.

Where work practices or conditions fall short of what is regarded as satisfactory every attempt will be made to resolve the situation by inform​al means, but if this is not possible, or if the danger posed gives rise to a risk of serious personal injury, then officers will resort to formal action.

Legal powers

Inspectors do have legal powers but will generally only enforce them when something is seriously wrong or where their advice is ignored.

This could involve either the service of a legal notice, prosecution, or in situations where serious personal injury could arise, a prohibition notice requiring immediate action.

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