Retail Management Policy

When we get new applications to take a lease of Council owned retail premises, or to determine whether to grant landlord's consent for change of use within an existing lease, the we will use the following policy statement.

The policy maximises the number of daytime retail uses available within each parade, to attempt (as far as is possible) to safeguard the long term retail base of the parade and to ensure that an acceptable environment for the people living in the area is maintained.

The uses referred to in this policy are defined under the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 as follows:

A1 Shops

These are retail shops (excluding hot food sales, but including cold food), post office, travel agents, hairdressers, launderette, funeral directors and other shops usually seen in the high street.

A2 Financial and professional

Uses which are commonly found in the high street, excluding medical services, but including betting shops.

A3 Food and drink

Restaurants and cafés only.

A4 Food and drink

Pubs and bars.

A5 Food and drink


i) New lettings

On marketing vacant shop premises, priority will be given to applications for A1 uses over A2, A3, A4 or A5 uses. Only if an acceptable A1 use cannot be secured and there is no foreseeable prospect of securing such a use within a reasonable time, will A2, A3, A4 and A5 uses be considered. Consent will also be subject to there being no unreasonable environmental impact on residents.

ii) Applications to change permitted use of lease

Harold Hill Shopping Centre

Landlord's consent shall not be granted in respect of any application to change an existing A1 use to A2, A3, A4 or A5.

All other Local Shopping Centres/Parades

There shall be a presumption that the Council, as landlord, will not consent to any application to change an existing A1 use to A2, A3, A4 or A5, but in exceptional circumstances consideration will be given if the Council is satisfied there would be no adverse effect on the shopping parade and the living environment of the nearby residents.

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