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Romford Town Centre Public Space Protection Order

Romford PSPO posterRomford Town Centre has a vibrant and busy daytime and night-time economy with many licensed premises within the town centre selling alcohol and alcohol related products to local residents, businesses, members of the public and visitors.

The Romford Town Centre PSPO seeks to restrict alcohol related nuisance.

The conditions of the Romford Town Centre PSPO are persons must not be in possession of an open container of alcohol in a public place within the Alcohol Control Area (save on licensed premises) and persons must not consume alcohol in a public place within the Alcohol Control Area (save on licensed premises).

It is an offence to continue to drink alcohol in PSPO zone when asked not to do so by a police officer, PCSO or any other authorised person.

It is also an offence to fail to surrender any alcohol, in an open container, to a police officer, PCSO or any other authorised person when asked to do so.

It should be noted that the Romford Town Centre PSPO can't ban the consumption of alcohol in a public space, however failing to comply with an officer's request to stop drinking and/or surrender alcohol is an offence within the PSPO zone.

The offence can be dealt with by issuing a fixed penalty notice or a summons to court.

The Fixed Penalty Notice and fine

If you do not comply with the PSPO you may receive a Fixed Penalty Notice (up to £100) or a fine of £1,000 if convicted at court or up to £500 if convicted of alcohol related nuisance at court.

Pay your fine

If you have had a Fixed Penalty Notice please use the details on it to pay online.

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Enforced hours and how we monitor

The Romford Town Centre PSPO is enforced 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The PSPO will be enforced by the Police and Council Enforcement Officers. We also use CCTV cameras where appropriate.

Romford PSPO zone map

Romford PSPO zone map


The Romford Town Centre PSPO zone does not cover pubs, restaurants and off licenses.

Areas covered by a temporary event notice for alcohol sales or local authority premises license are only exempt from the PSPO whilst alcohol is being served and for 30 minutes afterwards.

Want to know more?

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Challenging the Romford Town Centre PSPO area

Please note this is to challenge the activation of the zone and not about challenging a fine.

Any challenge to the Romford PSPO area must be made in the High Court by an interested person within six weeks (Ending on 03/12/17).An interested person is someone who lives in, regularly works in, or visits the restricted area. This means that only those who are directly affected by the restrictions have the power to challenge.

Interested persons can challenge the validity of a PSPO on two grounds.

  1. The council did not have power to make the order or to include particular prohibitions or requirements.
  2. That one of the requirements (such as the consultation) had not been complied with.


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