What is the Havering Youth Council?

havering youth council

The Havering Youth Council is an organisation made up of young people aged between 11 and 18 years and inclusive to the age of 25 (if the young person has additional needs or has a disability).

It is an independent body of young people, which represent no party political views.

If young people want to see changes in Havering, or have an idea that could benefit young people, they can speak to Members of Youth Parliament and have their say.

There is also the opportunity to represent other peers by joining Havering's Youth Council and getting involved in local issues and community activities. All of these are ways that young people can have their voice heard.

We meet every other Wednesday from 5pm - 6:30pm.

What are the aims of Havering Youth Council? 

  • To give young people a voice
  • To create opportunities for young people to become involved in democratic processes within the local community regionally and nationally 
  • To promote equal opportunities in Havering for all young people 
  • To treat all young people fairly, with respect and ensure that they feel listened to.

Want to know more?

Go to the British Youth Council and National Youth Agency page for more information

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