We are responsible for the trees that we own. This generally means trees on roads and pavements and trees in parks.

We will also speak to private land owners where their trees are causing hazards to the public, such as blocking a street sign or light.

Please read the following before deciding if you need to report a tree to us.

Tree removal

We will sometimes remove a tree and our tree removal list is updated with tree removals and the reason why they were removed.

We will aim to add these locations to future planting schemes to ensure no net loss of trees in Havering.

Our tree strategy

A revised draft tree strategy is currently under review prior to publication.

Havering Council recognises a number of issues as being a normal part of living with trees and therefore it is our stance to not normally seek to undertake any pruning works or removal for reasons such as (but not limited to):  

  • falling detritus such as (but not limited to) leaves, sap, fruits, nuts, seeds, blossom, pollen, bird droppings
  • reduced or increased moisture to gardens
  • germinating seeds from council owned trees
  • blocked or obstructed gutters or flat roofs from tree deposits and leaves
  • loss or interference with TV or satellite signal reception 
  • loss of sunlight or manmade lighting;
  • blocking or obstruction of a view from a residence or blocking or shading of solar arrays
  • minor footway or road surfacing disturbances
  • unsubstantiated claims of damage

Report issues with trees on the streets

Trees are inspected on three or five year cycles and pruned when needed.

The work we do is suitable for the type of tree and is not harmful to the tree.

Sometimes trees do not need pruning.

We also:

  • carry out work on damaged trees if they have branches hanging off or that have fallen off
  • inspect trees that are damaging a property
  • manage damaged, diseased or dying trees
  • prune trees that are blocking sight lines for cars
  • prune trees that are blocking street lights

Sometimes we will prune a number of trees on a certain road or street but one may be left unpruned.

This could be because cars are in the way or birds are nesting.

If this happens we return and prune when we are able.

Because we prioritise safety issues first we apologise for any delays to requests for other types of tree work.

Report a tree to us

Report issues with trees damaging the pavement

If trees are damaging the pavement please complete our road and pavement form.

Report damage to the road or pavement

Report issues with trees on Council estates

Trees on our estates are managed by the Homes and Housing team. If you have a query regarding these trees, please complete our ask Housing form.

Ask Housing