Severe flooding advice - What to do in a major flood

Following the floods in 2016, Havering Council, as the Lead Local Flood Authority, has commissioned flood investigation reports.  

There is historical and current information on flooding on the GOV.UK website.

Flood warnings are issued by the Environment Agency and severe weather warnings can be found via the Met Office and the BBC. There are often warnings on local news, like the Romford Recorder, and local radio, like Time FM.

If you are concerned, or think there may be severe flooding, it is best to check these websites straight away.

For information on our plans for flooding we have a Multi Agency Flood Plan and you can also read our 2017 flood risk assessment.

Read the advice on how to clean up your home safely after a flood.

Flood resilience

We have a guide to help you prepare for a flood covering:

  • finding out if you’re at risk
  • making a flood plan and kit
  • preparing inside and outside your home
  • seeing who is responsible for what
  • the main water routes in Havering

View the flood resilience guide

You can also read our general advice about what to do in an emergency for advice.

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