Consultation on 2025/2026 admission arrangements for Community Infant, Junior and Primary schools

We are consulting on a proposed reduction to the Published Admission Number (PAN) at Crownfield Infant School from 120 to 90 due to falling pupil numbers. Go to the consultation

What you need to do and know

You must check if any of the schools you are applying for require a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) to be completed alongside your online application.

If a school requires a SIF, you will need to obtain this from the school and return it back to them before they can consider your application. 

Fill in your application online through our In-Year parent portal listing the schools you wish to apply for.

The ‘fair access’ information we ask for on your application is important as it could help us decide if your child can be considered under our ‘in-year fair access protocol’.

Proof of address / ID

We need to ensure that places at our schools are not offered to parents based on fraudulent or misleading information. Once your child has been offered a school, the school offered will invite you and your child to attend a welcome meeting. 

At this meeting you will be asked to provide proof of your child’s identity (including their legal name and date of birth) and the address where you and your child are living, as stated on the application. 

View details of the documents you are required to provide

If the school do not consider the information sufficient or they believe that it is fraudulent, they will refer the case back to the Havering School Admissions Team for further investigation.

If the information provided is found to be fraudulent or intentionally misleading, the offer of the school place may be withdrawn and your application cancelled. 


If a child is not living with their natural parents and you are looking after the child, we need to see written evidence that you are the legal guardian and have parental responsibility for that child. Evidence includes a will or a court order or statutory declaration.

Guardianship only applies if you can prove that you have full care of the child and their normal, permanent home is with you.

Guardianship does not apply if you just take the child to and from school or look after them until their parents collect them. If you cannot prove guardianship, we will refer your application to social services while we process your form.

Siblings (brother or sister)

It is rare that we are able to offer siblings (brothers and sisters) places in the same school at the same time.

This is because schools are unlikely to have a free space in each of the year groups that your children need. When you apply for an in-year place, most of our schools are already full with children who have been attending the school since the beginning.

Places only become available when children leave and we do not know when, in what year group and at which school this will happen.

If we can’t give places at the same school for your children, please contact us to discuss whether we can offer another school (which you have not asked for) that can keep all your children together.

Confirmation of your application

Your application is only valid once you have pressed the ‘Submit application’ button at the end of the ‘Check and submit’ page.

Once submitted you will receive a confirmation email.

The email will include your child’s name and the schools you have applied for.

In the case of twins, triplets and other multiple births, please make sure you have a confirmation email for each child.

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