The in-year admissions process

When can I make an In-Year application?

In-Year applications for Havering schools can be made at any time throughout the academic year and only once the children are living in the UK.

Applications received towards the end of the summer term (June - July) or during the summer holidays may not receive an outcome until the start of the autumn term (September), due to the unavailability of schools during the summer break.

How long does it take to process the application?

It can take up to 10 school days to process your completed application.  Once a place has been offered and accepted the school will arrange a start date for your child which will usually be within10 school days from the date of acceptance.

Applications are usually made for these reasons:

A move to or within Havering

If you need a school place for a child who is moving into Havering or because of a house move within Havering where your child cannot continue at their existing school, you will need to make an In-Year application for a new school.

Other transfers between schools

If your child is already at school but you feel a move would be beneficial, you must discuss the reasons with your child's current school and try to resolve matters with them rather than seek a transfer.

We discourage unnecessary transfers (especially in Years 10 and 11). If you do wish to pursue this route, you will need to make an In-Year application for a new school.

In considering your application, we will assess – and may need to discuss with you and the school - whether it might be better for you to resolve any difficulties your child is having, with the school. We may also seek views from any other services involved with your child – for example, the behaviour support and/or education welfare service.

You should not withdraw your child from their current school until you have secured an alternative school place. Please think carefully before applying, bearing in mind that other schools may be full and the upheaval may damage your child's progress.

A school cannot ask you to withdraw your child from school or withdraw your child from the school roll without your permission or without first knowing that your child has a new school place. However, where a school believes a change of school may be in your child's best interests, the Headteacher can discuss alternatives with you.

You must have a place at a new school for your child before he or she leaves his or her current school.

Transfers from home education or alternative education provision

If your child is being educated at home or is attending an alternative provision and you would like them to attend a mainstream school (in future), you will need to make an In-Year application for a school.

Applications for schools outside Havering

Applications from Havering residents for schools outside of Havering must be made directly to the borough in which the school is located.

Applications for children from abroad

If your child is not in the UK you should not apply as we cannot process these applications.

Once you and your child(ren) are living in the UK, you will need to make an application and then visit the Public Advice and Service Centre either on a Monday, Wednesday (except the last Wednesday of the month) or a Friday between 9.30am and 12.30pm.

You will need to bring your child(ren) with you and we will need to see proof of your home address, your passport, your child(ren)’s passport and birth certificate.

Applications for Looked After Children (children in care) / Previously Looked After Children

Looked After Children / Previously Looked After Children receive top priority for a school place. If an In-Year admission is needed, we will arrange a place at the school most appropriate to the child's needs.

Children with special educational needs or disability

We treat applications for children with disabilities or special educational needs in the same way as all other applications, unless they have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

If your child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan and you want them to change school; you must liaise with your child's case officer. You do not need to complete an In-Year application form.


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