Consultation on 2025/2026 admission arrangements for Community Infant, Junior and Primary schools

We are consulting on a proposed reduction to the Published Admission Number (PAN) at Crownfield Infant School from 120 to 90 due to falling pupil numbers. Go to the consultation

Is transferring your child to a different school the correct thing to do?

All studies show that pupils who move schools are less likely to achieve good grades.

Havering schools strive to create stable school environments for our children and to reduce, as far as possible, the need to move pupils between schools.

Ideally, your child will stay in one primary school and then one secondary school for the whole of his or her school life.

This will mean that the teaching style of the school will be consistent and the school can provide strong patterns of learning and a stable school community, which can give your child better personal and social development. However, there are times when parents believe that a child needs to move schools.

Before completing an application, we recommended that you discuss your wish to move your child’s school with the Head Teacher as it may be possible for the school to address any concerns you have and therefore enable your child to remain at their current school. 

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