Because of government guidance on coronavirus a number of our buildings are now closed and events listed on our site are subject to change or cancellation. Changes to council services, advice and support we can provide, the latest local news and links to Government advice is available on our dedicated coronavirus information page. Go to our coronavirus information page

School service changes due to coronavirus

Schools are closed except for children of key workers. The in year admissions applications process is open but we won't process applications until schools resume. Pupils who are eligible for free school meals have the option to claim weekly shopping vouchers from their schools during the coronavirus outbreak.

Help with your child's learning at home

We have compiled a list of the best websites that offer free learning resources, ideas, activities, lessons and more, for you to use at home. View the list

Is transferring your child to a different school the correct thing to do?

All studies show that pupils who move schools are less likely to achieve good grades.

Havering schools strive to create stable school environments for our children and to reduce, as far as possible, the need to move pupils between schools.

Ideally, your child will stay in one primary school and then one secondary school for the whole of his or her school life.

This will mean that the teaching style of the school will be consistent and the school can provide strong patterns of learning and a stable school community, which can give your child better personal and social development. However, there are times when parents believe that a child needs to move schools.

Before completing an application, we recommended that you discuss your wish to move your child’s school with the Head Teacher as it may be possible for the school to address any concerns you have and therefore enable your child to remain at their current school. 

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