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Severe flooding advice - What to do in a major flood

Following the floods in 2016, Havering Council, as the Lead Local Flood Authority, has commissioned flood investigation reports.  

There is historical and current information on flooding on the GOV.UK website.

Flood warnings are issued by the Environment Agency and severe weather warnings can be found via the Met Office and the BBC. There are often warnings on local news, like the Romford Recorder, and local radio, like Time FM.

If you are concerned, or think there may be severe flooding, it is best to check these websites straight away.

For information on our plans for flooding we have a Multi Agency Flood Plan and you can also read our 2017 flood risk assessment.

Read the advice from Public Health England on How to clean up your home safely after a flood.

Preparing for a flood

If weather warnings suggest your area may be flooded you can reduce the impact on your property, possessions and loved ones.

Remember to stay calm and:

  • check that neighbours know about any flood warnings that may have been issued
  • switch off gas, water and electricity
  • move people and animals to a place of safety. Remember to provide a litter tray for pets and have pet carriers available if possible
  • don't try to walk or drive through floodwater - there may be hazards you can't see, such as raised manhole covers
  • unplug electrical items and store them upstairs if possible. For larger appliances such as fridges and freezers, it may me necessary to raise them on bricks
  • if you can, move furniture, rugs, valuables and sentimental items upstairs
  • don't drink water from your taps. Have a supply of drinking water in clean bottles or similar containers
  • fill the bath and buckets with water for washing etc.
  • listen to the local media for news on the flood
  • if you need to be evacuated because of severe flooding or damage contact the emergency services on 999
  • if flooding traps you, stay by a window and try to attract attention
  • remember to lock up if you leave your property
  • avoid moving water

You can also read our general advice about what to do in an emergency for advice.

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