Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and trees in conservation areas

Tree preservation orders require that our consent must be obtained for any work to a protected tree.

All trees in conservation areas are similarly protected and consent should be obtained before undertaking any work.

There are certain limited exceptions to this, such as when a tree or parts of a tree, are dead, dying or dangerous.

If you want to find out if a tree in Havering is protected by a tree preservation order or is located within a conservation area you can use our online mapping system.

Dead, dying or diseased trees

Except in an emergency you should give us at least five days notice before cutting down a protected tree which is dead or dangerous. It is the same if you intend to remove dead, dying or dangerous wood from an otherwise healthy tree.

You could be prosecuted if we consider you to have carried out unauthorised work on a protected tree.

Please email us at if you have any concerns about the health or safety of a tree preservation ordered tree and need advice or further information. 

Planning permission

You also do not need to obtain consent if a trees is directly in the way of development that is about to start for which detailed planning permission has been granted.

Work on trees with a TPO or within a conservation area

Guidance and advice on TPOs and trees in conservation areas, including important advice on what information to include with an application, is available on the GOV.UK website.

Applications should be made through the Planning Portal.

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