London Youth Assembly

The London Youth Assembly (LYA) is a body formed to bring together representatives from different youth forums across London to create positive change for young people.

Getting young Londoners engaged and involved in the running of their city is an important objective for the London Assembly and these young Londoners are enthusiastic about bringing issues that matter to them to the forefront of local politics. 

The LYA has representative from over London, which form four sub regional groups, Havering are part of the North East Region. These groups meet quarterly.

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Can I be a Youth Assembly Member?

LYA Members are aged between 11 to 19, and up to 25 if you have a disability. Each borough is responsible for electing or selecting two ‘London Youth Assembly Members’ for the calendar year.

The process for (s)election varies from borough to borough.

In Havering members are elected from existing members of Youth Council.

The key role of a London Youth Assembly Member is to:

  • represent their borough at LYA meetings, sub-regional group meetings and functions
  • provide updates on priorities and plans for their sub-regional groups, and borough
  • feed back to their borough the work being done by the LYA
  • joint working with the Chair and Deputy Chair of the LYA on key issues

Members are in role for 2 years and are already members of Havering Youth Council.

Havering has 2 members of London Youth Assembly.

Jazzminejada George

I'm Jazzminejada George. I’m a member of Havering Youth Council and the Chair of the London Youth Assembly (LYA).

My latest appointment makes me so happy, honoured and humbled as I represent young Londoners. 

As chair, I will lead to LYA to help create positive change for young Londoners - for young people, by young people.

The London Youth Assembly is a new body formed to bring together representatives from different youth forums across London to create positive change for young people.

The priorities for 2021/22 are our mental health, diversifying the curriculum and for young Londoners to have real power.

Margaret JohnsonMy name is Margaret Johnson, and I'd like to introduce myself.

I am a member of the Havering Youth Council and the London Youth Assembly.

As a member of LYA, I have a responsibility to represent not only Havering, but all young Londoners.

Being a part of LYA has given me an understanding of what is currently being done to assist young people, as well as one of the best opportunities to speak up and voice the concerns of young people.

We discuss key issues affecting young people affecting young people, such as mental health and diversifying the curriculum.

It's a tremendous honour to be a part of an organisation dedicated to including young people in the changes that will impact their lives.

I consider it a privilege to be given this opportunity to advocate and encourage only positive change.

Young people are the future, and giving them a voice about it is incredible.

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