Havering shines a light on its foster carers

Havering Council celebrates its foster carers
Published: Monday, 9 May 2022

Foster carers across the borough are being celebrated for the amazing work that they do to support children in care.

As part of Foster Care Fortnight (May 9-22), foster carers and Havering Council will be shining a light on the fostering communities in the borough.

This includes the work they do, the support they receive and also the need for more residents to come forward and be a part of their fostering community.

They’re hoping that more residents will play a life-changing role in the lives of children in care.

Robert South, Director of Children’s Services, said:

“Being a foster carer is one of the most rewarding things anyone can do. It’s a chance to help transform the life of a young person.

“In Havering, we offer some great benefits and support so that no one feels alone but has someone on hand to give advice and guidance whenever they need it.”

One of those people is Alison Fox.

Alison is a fostering ambassador who helps support new and existing foster carers. She is currently following up enquiries from new people, but has a long-established community within the fostering circles.

“We have so much fun as foster carers, not only with the children and the support we give each other, but we also plan lots of social activities to the theatre, the park and farms days.

"It’s a great way for foster children also to meet other children.”

Over the next two weeks, foster carers and Havering Council’s fostering team will continue speaking to the local community about what’s involved and answering their questions.

You can find out more about fostering at the following places:

  •     9 May – The Liberty Shopping Centre, Romford 
  •     20 May – The Mercury Mall and Liberty Shopping Centres, Romford
  •     By contacting our team on 01708 434574 or visiting www.havering.gov.uk/fostering

On Monday, 16 May, the Council will celebrate its carers at the Havering Foster Carer Awards ceremony.

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