Call for sites

We are calling on residents, businesses and landowners to take part in the ‘call for sites’ exercise which will help us gather information about possible development sites in the borough.

This exercise asks businesses and landowners to submit potential development sites in the borough.

These sites can be residential, commercial, or other purposes such as leisure, education, or healthcare.

Sites received during this exercise are not automatically marked for development, nor do they gain any special status. They are only collated to be subject to further assessment. 

The information received will then be compiled and assessed against a series of technical criteria to better understand which sites have the potential to be suitable for development within Havering, and are deliverable in the timescale of the new local plan.

Every council has a legal duty to prepare and adopt a local plan.

It is a key document which sets out planning policies and proposals that will help guide future development, and will identify land for future housing, employment and infrastructure needs over the next 15 years.

All planning applications are assessed against the local plan and it provides the framework for the council’s own extensive regeneration programme.

Havering’s current local plan was adopted in 2021 and now needs refreshing, as required by the planning inspectorate.

The Local Plan ‘Call for Sites’ will run from 3 March 2023 until 30 April 2023.

Submit a site

Submissions for this are now closed.

After sites are submitted

The Call for Sites exercise is part of the ongoing evidence base for the Local Plan update. The exercise allows us to assess which sites may be able to come forward as housing or other infrastructure. 

However, all sites must be fully assessed before this is decided. Sites submitted are currently being carefully looked at and considered.

As part of our Local Plan update, there will be a Regulation 18 consultation towards the end of 2023.

If you have any queries please contact