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School service changes due to coronavirus

Schools are closed except for children of key workers. The in year admissions applications process is open but we won't process applications until schools resume. Pupils who are eligible for free school meals have the option to claim weekly shopping vouchers from their schools during the coronavirus outbreak.

Help with your child's learning at home

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Introduction to in year admissions

The In-Year admissions process is for parents who have just moved into Havering and need to apply for a school place at a Havering school for their child during the school year, or for parents who want to transfer their child from one school to another.

If your child has an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), there is a different process for dealing with school transfers. To discuss moving your child’s school, please contact the Special Educational Needs team on 01708 431885 or via

By law, children aged between 5 and 16 must receive an education. This means that your child must continue to go to their current school while we (the School Admissions Team) deal with your request for a school place.

The Havering School Admissions Team process applications of all schools in Havering.

This means that you should list all the schools in Havering that you want to apply for online using our In-Year parent portal, ranking them in the order you prefer.

We will only offer your child one school place and, where possible, this will be the highest-ranked school on your list. If you want to apply for a school outside the borough, you will need to contact that borough and follow their application process. We will process your application within 10 school days of receiving it, so school holidays are not included in our processing time.

If there are spaces at the schools you have asked for, we will give your child a place at the school ranked the highest on your application. We expect your child to start school within 10 school days of our offer. 

If we cannot offer your child a place at your preferred school, we will automatically put their name on the waiting list for the schools listed higher on your application than the school we have offered your child a place at.

You have the right to appeal for the schools you listed on your application that we do not offer you a place at. The majority of our schools use our online appeal form.

The schools that do not use the online appeal form are: The Coopers Company and Coborn School, Sacred Heart of Mary Girls School, St Albans Catholic Primary School, St Peters Catholic Primary School, St Ursula’s Catholic Infant School and St Ursula’s Catholic Junior School. 

If you wish to appeal for one of these schools, you will need to contact the school directly to get an appeal form. 

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