In year school applications

Any in-year school application will not receive an outcome or decision until after the start of the autumn term (September 2019). This also applies to any in-year application received after 9 July 2019.

How to apply for an in-year school place

Please note, once your application has been submitted you will receive a response within 10 school days.

All correspondence regarding your application will be sent via email. It is therefore essential that you regularly check your email during the application period to ensure that you do not miss out on important information. If you change your email address you must inform the School Admissions Team.

The application form

Havering’s mapping software enables you to search for schools close to your home address and to see the distance you live from each school. Once you have identified the schools you can then complete the application form.

We manage In-Year applications for all schools across Havering.

The application form must be completed online  and you can express a preference for up to 4 schools.

Once submitted, your application will be sent securely to the School Admissions Team. Any Supplementary Information Form (SIF) required by the school should be completed and returned to the school directly (see below for a list of schools that require a SIF).

Supplementary Information forms

Some schools ask you to complete a supplementary information form, (available direct from the school) to provide additional information they may need to be able to apply their admissions criteria. These are available direct from the school.

Schools that require a SIF are:


  • La Salette Catholic Primary
  • St Alban’s Catholic Primary
  • St Edward’s CofE Primary
  • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary
  • St Mary’s Catholic Primary
  • St Patrick’s Catholic Primary
  • St Peter’s Catholic Primary
  • St Ursula’s Catholic Infant
  • St Ursula’s Catholic Junior


  • The Campion School
  • The Coopers’ Company & Coborn School
  • Sacred Heart of Mary
  • St Edward’s CofE School & Sixth Form College

If you complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) you must also have applied for it as a preference on your In-Year application form, you must also ensure that you return the SIF to the school direct. Completion of a supplementary information form alone is not a valid application.

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