Consultation on 2025/2026 admission arrangements for Community Infant, Junior and Primary schools

We are consulting on a proposed reduction to the Published Admission Number (PAN) at Crownfield Infant School from 120 to 90 due to falling pupil numbers. Go to the consultation

Year 10 and 11 applications

Is your child in year 10 or 11?

If your child is in year 10 or 11 and attends a Havering school we strongly advise that you do not ask for them to transfer to another school.

This is because a move at this time will cause serious disruption to their education and may disadvantage them.

Many Havering schools begin GCSE work in year 9. Your child may have been working to a different timeframe. Different schools use different exam boards, and the syllabus may be different.

Coursework they have already started may not be relevant. The change may be a source of unnecessary stress for your child.

If you believe that it is in the best interests of your child to move schools, we recommended that you discuss this with the Head Teacher of your child’s current school.

It may be possible for the school to address any concerns you have and therefore enable your child to remain at their current school.

Don't have a year 10 or 11 place yet?

If your child does not have a year 10 or 11 school place you should apply for one as soon as possible.

There are very few vacancies at any of our schools in years 10 and 11 because it is unusual for pupils to leave during these years.

We have therefore made alternative arrangements for pupils without a school place to access suitable education elsewhere, or until a place can be found.

In these circumstances a caseworker from our Admissions and Inclusions Team will contact you as soon as possible, and discuss suitable provisions with you and your child.

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