Admissions criteria

Below you will find information on the admission criteria for each of the schools in Havering. 

School Admissions Criteria – Community Infant, Junior and Primary Schools

The schools listed below are all Community Schools and as such share the same admissions criteria. No community school in Havering requires a parent to complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF). 

  • Ardleigh Green Infant School
  • Ardleigh Green Junior School
  • Brady Primary School
  • Branfil Primary School
  • Broadford Primary School
  • Clockhouse Primary School
  • Crowlands Primary School
  • Crownfield Infant School
  • Crownfield Junior School
  • Elm Park Primary School
  • Engayne Primary School
  • Gidea Park Primary School
  • Harold Court Primary School
  • Harold Wood Primary School
  • Hilldene Primary School
  • Hylands Primary School
  • Langtons Infant School
  • Mead Primary School
  • Nelmes Primary School
  • Newtons Primary School
  • Parklands Primary School
  • Parsonage Farm Primary School
  • Rainham Village Primary School
  • Scotts Primary School
  • Squirrels Heath Infant School
  • Squirrels Heath Junior School
  • Suttons Primary School
  • The James Oglethorpe Primary School
  • The R J Mitchell Primary School
  • Towers Infant School
  • Towers Junior School
  • Whybridge Infant School

When the demand exceeds the number of places available at the school, places are allocated by applying the following criteria in descending order of priority to applicants who have expressed any preference for the school. 

  1. Looked after children and children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order).
  2. Exceptional medical or exceptional social grounds (evidence must be provided at the time of application).
  3. Pupils with siblings on the roll of the school on the date of admission who live up to a distance of 1.6km (straight line distance) from the school. Pupils who live further than 1.6km (straight line distance) from the school will also receive priority under this criteria if they currently have a sibling at the school who was admitted prior to September 2018. This will include siblings at partner junior schools.
  4. Children whose parent is employed at the desired school as either a teaching assistant or qualified teacher for a minimum of 0.6fte (16.5 hours for teaching staff) and has been employed for at least 2 years at the time of submitting the application.
  5. The distance of the home address from the School, as measured by a straight line from the school, those pupils living nearer the school being given higher priority.

If, because of oversubscription in any of the categories 1) to 4) above, it is necessary to distinguish between applicants, the distance of the applicant’s home address from the school, as measured by a straight line from the school, will be used with those pupils living nearer the school being given higher priority.

Should the distance be identical for two or more applicants, the LA will use random selection to determine which pupil receives an offer. 

We (the Havering School Admissions Team) measure all distances using Synergy’s Geographical Information System from a point marked in the centre of the child’s home to the predefined point of the school.

We measure in kilometres and in a straight line (as the crow flies). All points have designated co-ordinates (Northings and Eastings) which are provided by the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG). If you live outside of Havering, we will use the same system to measure distances.

We cannot consider other circumstances not listed in the criteria. It is essential that we are consistent in our judgement and use only the criteria that have been agreed.

School Admissions Criteria – Academy, Foundation and Voluntary Aided Infant, Junior and Primary Schools

Information about the admissions criteria for the Academy, Foundation and Voluntary Aided Infant, Junior and Primary schools listed below can be viewed on the schools own website. Please follow the links below.

School Admissions Criteria – Secondary Schools

Information about the admissions criteria for secondary schools in Havering can be viewed on the schools own website. Please follow the links below.




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