Accept or decline an in-year school place

  • you must let us know formally within 5 days of being offered a place, whether you accept or decline it
  • the offer may be withdrawn if you fail to do this in time
  • we recommend you accept the offer unless you have made alternative arrangements for your child

Accepting an offer does not affect your child's waiting list position or any appeal for a higher preference school.

  • if you decline a place, you will need to advise the admissions team how you intend to educate your child if they are living in Havering
  • we may offer the place you decline to another child so there is no guarantee that it will remain available to you if you change your mind later

If we become aware of any child without a destination school, we will make our Children Missing Education Officer (department) aware who may subsequently contact the applicant directly. 

Arrangements to admit a child

Schools will normally arrange to admit a child within 10 school days of receiving formal acceptance of a place from you. You should make arrangements for your child to take up a place as soon as it is offered.

If there is a legitimate reason for deferring take-up, the maximum deferral period is usually the start of the next half term. If there is no legitimate reason, your child must start on the date the school gives; the place may be withdrawn if they do not start then.

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