Street side meadows

To increase biodiversity and to encourage pollinators in our borough, we have dedicated some road areas into ‘urban meadows’.

These areas are excluded from the regular grass cutting schedule to encourage a vast range of flowers often found in natural meadows.

These include some more commonly known plants as dandelions, buttercups, daisies, poppies and cornflowers.

The longer grass provides cover for insects, birds and other small mammals during breeding season.  

The meadows will be left until the end of the summer to ensure the plants have gone to seed. This will then encourage re-growth the following year.



  • Lowshoe Lane junction of Rodney Way
  • Tees Drive/ Whitchurch


  • Hacton Lane from Newbury Gardens to Derby Avenue – both sides
  • Hall Lane – Avon Road to Southend Arterial Road both sides
  • Rainham Road – Newtons Corner to Brettons Farm (field side)
  • Rainham Road from Simpson Road to Coniston Avenue (houses side)
  • A13 from Dovers Corner to Havering border both sides including central reservations (by Sandy Lane)
  • Dagenham Road from Newtons Corner to Havering border towards Dagenham


  • Upper Rainham Road – from Central Depot to Cardrome (The Chase nature reserve side only)
  • Hornchurch Road from Lyndhurst Drive to Grey Towers Avenue (this side only)
  • Thurloe Gardens from Mercury Gardens to South Street
  • Mercury Gardens – large triangle adjacent to roundabout
  • North Street junction with A12

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