Grass, shrubs, hedges and weeds


We cut the grass primarily to ensure that people can use the roads and pavements safely.​

We cut grass areas on the public highway 12 times per year.

We do not cut grass on private properties.

Grass cutting is carried out from March to November, although weather conditions can influence this.

Grass clippings are not collected from grass areas during or after cutting. However clippings will be removed from footpaths and the highway to ensure that areas are left clean and tidy.

If grass has grown to block line of sight or to be a danger please complete our online form.

Request grass cutting


Shrub beds on the highway are pruned twice a year, but areas where there are proven sight line problems receive a further cut.

When shrub beds are cut, they are also weeded, cleaned and an approved herbicide applied.

If you know of a shrub bed that needs maintenance, has overgrown, been vandalised or has died please let us know.

Report a shrub bed problem


All public footways are treated with weed killer three times a year.

Please let us know if you think an area has been missed and please provide a description of the problem. Please note we can only remove weeds from public areas.

Report a weed problem

Council housing

Grass and shrubs on Council estates are managed by the Homes and Housing team. If you are aware of an issue with grass and shrubs on an estate please complete our Ask Housing form.

Ask Housing


Issues with a high hedge are often due to a private land owner not keeping the hedge trimmed. Often it is about neighbours hedges overgrowing into your garden. For information about issues with a high hedge and how you can request action please see our high hedges and hedgerows page.


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