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Havering Local Plan Examination - Latest news

06 November 2020

In August, the Council published Main Modifications for consultation, this consultation has now closed.  The Council will now record and consider the comments received.

The following documents form part of this consultation:

The Council proposed a number of additional ‘minor’ modifications (e.g. typographical errors, clarifications and factual updates) to improve the clarity of the Local Plan.

None of these changes materially affected the policies of the Local Plan and they were outside the scope of the consultation.

Additionally, including the schedule of Minor Modifications, please find below various documents that were published to support the consultation.

2 December 2019

The Council is working with the Inspector to finalise matters for the consultation on the Main Modifications which is currently scheduled to begin in Summer 2020.

May 2019  EIP - Post hearing correspondence - Requested actions and responses

CPHDO25 2019-18-11 Housing letter

CPHDO25.1 Housing Trajectory update for the Inspector 

CHPDO25.2 HPS Technical Update May (Oct amendment) 

CPHDO25.3 Annex 8 Oct 19

CPHDO25.4 Annex 14.1 LLD Completions 

CPHDO25.5 Annex 14.2 2015 FY LDD Completions

CPHD025.6 Annex 14.3 2016 FY Completions 

CPHDO25.7 Annex 14.4 2017 FY LDD Completions 

CPHDO24 Evidence List (17-09-2019)

CPHDO23 Havering Response on Highways England (16/09/2019)

CPHDO23.1 Havering Highways England (16/09/2019)

CPHD022 Havering Response on Proposals Map (21-8-19)

CPHDO22.1 Proposals Addendum (19/09/2019)

CPHD021 Havering request to Inspector for clarity on further work to be undertaken (15-8-19)

CPHD020  - Response to Inspector Question regarding Upminster (Hall Lane) Miniature Golf/Pitch and Putt and Site Specific Allocations (24-07-2019)

CPHD019 - Older People Review (15-07-2019)

CPHD018 – Revised Gypsy and Traveller Assessment (GTAA) Update report July 2019 (30-07-2019)

CPHD018.1 – Site Layouts Table (Supporting site layout material for revised Policy 11  Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation) (09-07-2019)

CPHD018.2 – Site Layouts Drawings (Supporting site layout material for revised Policy 11  Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation) (09-07-2019)

CPHD018.3 Inspector Note on Proposed Modifications to Policy 11 Gypsy and Traveller Accomodation (14-8-2019)

CPHD018.4 Inspector Note on Proposed Modifications to Policy 11 (14/08/2019)

CPHDO18.6 Examination into the Havering Local Plan 2016 - 2031

CPHDO18.7 Inspector comments on information 2019-09-1

CPHD017 - Actions and likely MM's - June 2019

CPHD017.1 – Proposed Main Modifications Schedule, August 2019 (05-08-2019)

CPHD017.2 - Draft Schedule of Proposed Modifications to the Havering Local Plan following the Examination in Public Hearing sessions in October 2018 and May 2019

CPHDO17.3 draft- main modifications schedule inspectors comments 4 October 2019

CPHD016 2019-10-06 May 2019 hearings action list final version

CPHD015 2019-06-06 letter

CPHD015.1 - Local Plan EIP Constitution Changes SPC June 2019

CPHD015.2 - Local Plan EIP Constitution Changes June 2019

CPHD015.3 - Letter to Inspector (20-01-2019)

CPHDO15.4 Letter to inspector (19/09/2019)

CPHDO15.5 LDS letter (19/09/2019)

CPHD0 15.6 2019-06-019 Further Revisions Policy 11

22/05/2019 - Hearing Agendas

IED011 – Draft Hearings Programme 23.05.2019

Matter 3 - Policy 6 - Housing need / supply

Matter 2 – Spatial Strategy and Matter 3 – Housing

Matter 4 – Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation

Matter 8 - Policy 24 - Parking provision and design

Public Consultation on Local Plan Revised Policy 11 – Gypsy and Traveller and Show People Accommodation

The Council is inviting comments on Local Plan Revised Policy 11 – Gypsy and Traveller and Show People Accommodation, including the proposed Site Allocations ahead of the Local Plan examination on 29 and 30 May 2019.

15/04/2019 - Inspectors matters, issues and questions

The Inspector has now issued her ‘Matters Issues and Questions’ for the upcoming Local Plan Examination 29-30 May 2019, along with Guidance Notes, a letter for the Council and a draft timetable for the May hearings.

These documents can be viewed here below under ‘May 2019 Examination Correspondence’.

IED012 - Havering Local Plan - Notice of Examination

Examination May 2019

The Havering Local Plan (2016-31) and supporting documents were submitted to the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government for independent examination on 27 March 2018.

The examination took place between Tuesday October 9 2018 and Thursday October 18 2018. Further details are in the 'Examination Correspondence' section below (items IED004, IED005, IED006 and CED004).

Following the hearings into the examination, the Inspector had some follow on queries regarding specific issues relating to various matters discussed at the hearing Further details on this and the Council’s initial response are in the Inspector’s 'Post Hearing Correspondence' section below (items IPHD001, CPHD001, IPHD002, CPHD002).

On this page you will find all of the submission documents and information on the examination, including further submission documents following the hearing as they becomes available.

The reconvened examination is due to take place on Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 May (Notice of Local Plan Examination). The inspector expects to advise of revised matters and issues and guidance notes by 16 April.

The Inspector would request statements back from parties (which may include the Council) by Thursday 16 May. 

Submission documents

View the submission documents via the links below.

Havering Local Plan documents

Supporting documents

Evidence base documents

Statements of Common Ground - 2019

Statements of Common Ground documents

May 2019 Examination Correspondence

IED008 - Matters Issues Questions 15.04.2019

IED009 – Inspector’s Guidance Notes 15.04.2019

IED010 – Letter from Inspector on Policy 24 Parking Modifications 15.04.2019

May 2019 Hearing Statements 

Matter 2 – Spatial Strategy and Strategic Development Areas

Matter 3 – Housing

rps (Taylor Wimpy) - Appendix D – Assessment of key sites and summaries 28.05.19

Matter 4 – Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation

Matter 8 – Connections

October 2018 Examination Correspondence

IED001 -  Letter from Inspector 18.06.2018

IED002 - Letter from Inspector  HRA HCC 26.06.2018

IED004 - Hearings Programme 3 October 2018 

IED005 - Inspector’s Guidance Notes

IED006 -Matters, Issues and Options

IED007 - Late representation

CED001 - Havering's response to IED001

CED002 - Havering's response to IED002

CED003 - Havering response to IED003

CED004 - Notice of Local Plan Examination

IED003 - Inspector’s Initial questions note to Council 12.07.2018

CED003.1 - Housing Trajectory – 5 year supply from adoption response to IED003

CED003.2 - Inspector’s note into suspension of examination (Gypsy & Traveller) response to IED003

CED003.3 - Inspector’s Note regarding issues with the Local Plan (note 2)(Gypsy & Traveller) response to IED003

CED003.4 - Inspector’s preliminary questions for the Council (Gypsy & Traveller) response to IED003

CED003.5 - Letter to Planning Inspectorate 4 February 2015 (Gypsy & Traveller) response to IED003

October 2018 Hearing Statements

Matter 1 – Legal Compliance and the duty to co-operate

Matter 2 – Spatial Strategy and Strategic Development Areas

Matter 3 – Housing

Matter 4 – Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation

Matter 5 – Green Belt

Matter 6 – Economy and Employment

Matter 7 – Town Centres and Communities

Matter 8 – Connections

Matter 10 – Green Places

View hearing agendas

Post hearing correspondence

IPHD001 – Inspector’s Post hearing note HLS 26.10.18

CPHD001 – Initial Response to Inspector Note (Housing and Spatial Strategy) - Final 09.11.2018

IPHD002 – Inspector’s Post hearing note Gypsy and Traveller 26.10.18

CPHD002 – Initial Response to Inspector's note on Gypsy and Traveller matters - 23.11.2018

CPHD007 - Update letter to inspector 21.01.2019

Post hearing correspondence - Requested actions and responses

CPHD003 –EIP Follow on Actions

CPHD004 - Map of 12 estates programme

CPHD005 - EiP update on actions 30.01.2019

CPHD006 - Further response from LBH to inspector (January 2019)

CPHD008 – Actions from EIP update list for inspector 18.03.2019

CPHD009 – Inspector Letter 25.03.2019

CPHD012 - Responses from London Borough of Havering 25.03.2019

CPHD013 – Policy 24 Parking Modifications 25.03.2019

CPHD014 – TFL response to CPHD012 Response from London Borough of Havering 25.03.2019

Post hearing correspondence - Submission documents

LBHLP.55 – Local Plan proposed modifications 21.01.2018

LBHLP.56 - Sustainability appraisal for the Havering Local Plan – SA Report Addendum (December 2018)

LBHLP.57 – Supplementary retail note for the Havering Local Plan (December 2018)

LBHLP.58 – EIP Modifications Final 25.03.2019

LBHLP.62 – Proposals Map Changes Booklet Addendum March 2019

Post hearing correspondence - Housing

View Housing related post hearing correspondence

Post hearing correspondence – Gypsy and Travellers

LBHLP.59 – Havering Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (GTAA) Update Report, March 2019

CPHD011 – Havering Response to Inspector letter 12.11.2018 re Gypsy and Traveller Questions 25.03.2019

LBHLP.60 - Revised Policy 11 – Gypsy and Traveller and Travelling Show People Accommodation - (Revision stated in LBHLP.58 EIP Mods Final, EP11, page 26)

LBHLP.61 - Pitch Deliverability Assessments (Matrix’s)

The Planning Inspector

Inspector Susan Heywood BSc (Hons) MCD MRTPI has been appointed to conduct the examination into the soundness of the London Borough of Havering’s Local Plan.

The Programme Officer

The Programme Officer, Andrea Copsey, will act as the contact for any person who has an interest in the examination and as a liaison between the inspector, council and representers.

The Programme Officer is an independent officer of the examination and works on behalf of the inspector to organise and manage the administrative and procedural matters of the examination process. Andrea Copsey is the appropriate point of contact for any questions relating to timetabling or procedural matters.

Any matters that anyone wishes to raise with the inspector should be submitted via the programme officer.

Contact details:
Andrea Copsey
Mobile: 07842 643988

PO Box 12607
CO15 9GN


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