Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Community Infrastructure Levy is a statutory charge which local authorities in England and Wales can place on developers to help fund infrastructure needed to support new development in their areas.

It is based on formula relating to the type and size of development and is collected when planning permissions for new developments are implemented.

CIL Draft Charging Schedule consultation

From  August 16 2018 to October 1 2018 we carried out our Draft Charging Schedule for public consultation.The Draft Charging Schedule and the supporting documents (including relevant evidence) can be found on the consultation page below.

The consultation has now ended.

View information on the CIL Draft Charging Schedule consultation

CIL Funding

It can be used to fund a wide range of supporting infrastructure including:

  • roads and transport schemes
  • flood defences
  • schools and education facilities
  • sporting and recreational facilities; and
  • open space

The Community Infrastructure Levy effectively replaces the pooling of contributions from many developments operated through 'Section 106' agreements, which includes the Council's current Planning Obligations standard charge planning contributions system.

CIL and Financial contributions

It will give developers and their agents a clearer understanding of the financial contributions they are expected to make towards the delivery of community infrastructure needs and it will give the Council a simple process for the collection of these contributions.

Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule consultation

The consultation on the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule ran from Monday 23 February until Friday 10 April 2015. This can be downloaded below:

In addition to the work which is already underway to establish the Council’s own CIL, the Council collects the London Mayoral CIL on his behalf. Further details on this are available here.

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