Havering Local Plan

Consultation on the Proposed Submission Havering Local Plan has now closed. The Local Plan and other proposed submission documents can still be viewed via the link below.

Visit the consultation website

The Local Plan sets out the Council’s ambitious vision and strategy for future growth and sustainable development over the next 15 years up to 2031. There is a need for new infrastructure, homes and jobs and Havering needs a spatial plan that will enable the borough to rise to these challenges and address each of these needs.

Previous public consultation on the key issues and priorities for the Local Plan took place in February 2015, the Consultation Document (Regulation 18) can be viewed online. Further details of the consultation can be found on the planning policy consultations page.

In November 2016 the Council published the Local Plan Direction of Travel which provides an update on the progress of the Local Plan and the timeframe for its delivery. It also set out further details on the emerging vision, objectives and spatial strategy for the Local Plan.


We maintain a database of residents, business and other stakeholders who have expressed an interest in the development of our planning policies. If you would like to be added to the database please see the How to contribute' page for further details.

Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal

The Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal seeks to ensure that the promotion of sustainable development is integrated in the plan making process.

The Scoping Report is the first stage of the Sustainability Appraisal Consultation on the draft scoping report was undertaken in November 2014 further details including the responses received can be found on the planning policy consultations page.

The Council has prepared a Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Report to accompany the Proposed Submission version of the Havering Local Plan. Consultation  on the SA Report will run alongside the public consultation on the Proposed Submission version of the Local Plan.

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