Exclusion of pupils

Havering, along with other Local Education Authorities, is required to provide full-time educational provision from the sixth day of a permanent exclusion.

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Looked after children and young people

Priority and urgency is given to the placement of looked after children. You can find out further information from our Looked After Children's Education Co-Coordinator at the address shown.​

About exclusions

All schools should have clearly communicated policies around standards, rules and behaviour. If these standards or rules are not adhered to a consequence may be an exclusion. There are two different types of exclusions:

Fixed-term exclusion

This means a child is prevented from attending school temporarily.

Permanent exclusion

This is where the school feels the child will not be allowed to continue at current school.

Schools may offer what is known as a managed move to another school as an alternative to a permanent exclusion, this is done through the In-Year Fair Access Panel.

If your child breaks the rules set out in the behaviour policy he or she may face a fixed-period exclusion or even permanent exclusion.

You can find out more about exclusions on the GOV.UK website or you can ask your child's school for guidance.

The GOV.UK website includes:

  • What exclusion is
  • Who can exclude your child
  • The reasons for exclusion
  • The types of exclusion
  • Challenging an exclusion

Education during exclusion

If your child is excluded for a fixed period the school is responsible for his or her education during that time.

If your child is permanently excluded, it is the local authority's responsibility to make sure your child's education continues from day six of the exclusion.

We are the local authority. Your child's education, from days one to five, is the responsibility of the school.


All schools have independent people called Governors who oversee Head Teachers decisions around exclusions both fixed-term and permanent exclusions.

In the case of a permanent exclusion, there will be a Governors body hearing to decision whether to uphold or overturn a Head Teachers decision to exclude.

Further information

For further information please email inclusions@havering.gov.uk.