Removal of pupil from school register

The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 requires all schools to notify their local authority every time a pupil is added or deleted (when one of the statutory grounds for deletion has been satisfied) from the school register.

This requirement does not extend to Infant to junior transfers, Year 6 – 7 transfers, or post 16 leavers. 

As Havering co-ordinates the admission of children transferring into Havering schools our systems already track and record all joiners and the majority of leavers. 

However, when a pupil leaves a school for one of the below five reasons, we are not aware of this and schools are required by law to complete our online form.

  1. Pupil is moving to an independent school and/or out of borough school (You do not need to complete the form for Infant to junior transfers, Year 6 – 7 transfers, or post 16 leavers). 
  2. Pupils parent informs their current school that the pupil will not be returning and no new school has been identified.
  3. Pupils is removed from school roll after 20 days of non-attendance and both the LA and school have made reasonable enquiries and have failed to establish the pupils whereabouts.
  4. The death of a pupil.
  5. The pupil is given a custodial sentence for greater than 4 months.

The legislation states that this form must be completed within one school day of the pupil being removed from the school register.

Complete the removal of pupil form