We Are FSTVL - May 2019

There are road closures in place for We Are FSTVL from 14 to 31 May. The festival performances run between 24 and 26 May. You can contact the festival hotline on 020 3781 7139 for more information or if you need to report an issue. Find out more about the festival and see the road closures map

Issue paying when using Internet Explorer browser

We are aware of an issue when making a payment online using the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. Please use a different browser such as FireFox or Chrome. Apologies while we work with our payment system supplier to resolve this issue. Find out what browser you are using

Appeal against a parking ticket or traffic fine

If you feel that the fine was incorrectly issued, or that there are special circumstances in your case, you may make an appeal against your fine (Penalty Charge Notice).

If we receive your challenge within the discounted period the discounted charge will be offered to you again if we are unable to cancel the Penalty Charge Notice.

You must pay for your parking ticket within 28 days (beginning on the date that the Penalty Charge Notice is served) to avoid additional charges.

Do not pay if you want to appeal and if your appeal is accepted, the charge will be cancelled.

How to appeal

  1. Have your PCN reference number, contravention code and vehicle registration ready to proceed.
  2. Select either 'Appeal against a parking ticket left on your vehicle' if the PCN was left on your vehicle or 'Appeal against your ticket or fine' if the PCN was sent to your address by post.
  3. Enter the PCN and contravention code numbers when prompted.
  4. A number of common reasons for appeal will be presented. Use them to see if you will be likely to succeed with an appeal.
  5. Decide to pay the PCN by clicking on the 'Pay' link or appeal the PCN by clicking on the 'Challenge' link.
  6. If appealing via the 'Challenge' link you will be taken to our appeals system. If the PCN has been left on your vehicle you will be taken to the 'Informal challenge form' where you will need to enter the PCN number and vehicle registration. If the PCN was sent to your address by post you will be taken to the 'Formal representation form' where you will need to enter the PCN number, vehicle registration and the web code from the letter.

We have up to 56 days to process your appeal and we will write to you once it has been processed. If you want to upload any supporting evidence on the appeal form then please make sure what you upload is under 2mb in file size.

If the PCN has been left on your vehicle

Appeal against a parking ticket left on your vehicle

If the PCN was sent to your address by post

Appeal against your ticket or fine

You can also read our PCN discretionary policy document outlining the criteria we use to enforce or cancel your PCN.

About the web codes we send

Web codes are for the formal representation stage of the process and are sent by letter if the PCN is issued in that way (eg for a bus lane fine) or you have moved from an informal challenge (PCN on your car window) to formal challenge as part of the appeals process.

If you have received a 'charge certificate' then the web code won't work.

Need a web code?

If you have lost or are yet to be sent a web code please use our PCN enquiry form to let us know.

If you have received a charge certificate the web code will no longer apply so please do not complete the PCN enquiry form asking for a code as the web code cannot be reissued.

Please wait for an order for recovery to be issued which will enable you to file a witness statement / statutory declaration, where appropriate.

Appealing a rejected informal challenge

If you want to dispute the PCN after the rejection of your informal challenge please see your letter of rejection for details about what to do next.

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