Pay a parking ticket or traffic fine

A penalty charge notice (PCN) is a fine issued for disobeying parking or traffic rules that you must pay.

For example, a PCN will be issued for parking in a parking space without the required permit or payment or for parking on a double yellow line. A PCN will also be issued for a moving traffic contravention such as stopping in a 'yellow box' and driving in a bus lane.

Legislation states that the registered keeper of the vehicle is liable for any Penalty Charge Notice even if another driver was responsible.

Pay your fine online

To pay for your penalty charge notice (PCN) online, you will need:

  • your parking penalty charge notice reference number. This is ten digits long starting with the letters HG and can be found on the ticket you were issued.
  • a valid payment card

Issue paying when using Internet Explorer browser

You may experience an issue when making a payment online using some versions of the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge browsers.

The payment should go through and an email will be sent to confirm success so do please check your inbox, but the conformation page in the payment system may not load correctly.

To make sure your payment goes through without an issue please use a different browser such as FireFox or Chrome

Find out what browser you are using

Pay your parking or traffic fine

Pay by instalments

Instalment plans are available to those who have recently been made redundant or get benefits. 

Please use our PCN enquiry form and select 'pay by instalments' from the drop down.. 

Documentary evidence of redundancy or benefits is required for an instalment plan to be considered. 


The exact cost of the fine will be on the ticket issued to you.

If you pay within 14 days of the date the PCN was issued the charge will be less. Please refer to the information on the ticket for the exact cost.

You must pay within 28 days (beginning on the date that the PCN was issued) to avoid additional charges.

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