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View evidence of your Penalty Charge Notice

You are entitled to view video (if available) or a photo showing when your Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) was issued.

You will need the notice number, your vehicle registration and the webcode from the PCN that was sent to your home address to continue.

Please note this service is for PCNs sent by post as you can only view evidence by using the webcode provided on the PCN sent to your address. Tickets left on your vehicle don't have a code.

Need a web code? If you have lost or are yet to be sent a web code please use our PCN enquiry form to let us know.

Please note web codes are for the formal representation stage of the process and are sent by letter if the PCN is issued in that way (eg for a bus lane fine) or you have moved from an informal challenge (PCN on your car window) to formal challenge as part of the appeals process. Also, if you have received a 'charge certificate' then the web code won't work.

You can also use this system to view evidence of an FPN issued as part of our school PSPO scheme. You will need the FPN number, vehicle registration number and the web code to use the online system. Those details are provided with the FPN.

Request video or photo evidence

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