School travel assistance

We provide assistance and support to eligible children and young people travelling between home and school/college in accordance with the criteria set in our Home to school transport policy.

Eligibility is assessed by:

  • special educational needs (including post 16/college students)
  • distance
  • safety of the route e.g. lack of pavements, lack of street lighting, speed of traffic, lack of safe road crossing points
  • low income
  • temporary medical/mobility needs

Before applying for travel assistance you must read the full criteria given in the policy document.

Read school travel assistance policy 2017-18

Applications for the September 2017 - 2018 school year is open. Applications submitted take a minimum of two weeks to process.

Apply for 2017-18 school travel assistance

Transport on the grounds of distance

We may provide free transport, or meet the cost of travel, between home and school if a child has to travel beyond three miles.

This is measured by the nearest available safe walking route, to reach the school where he/she is a registered pupil, and the Council is unable to make arrangements for him/her to become a pupil at a suitable school nearer his/her home.

This is likely to apply to only a small number of children.

For those pupils not entitled to free transport/travel under the criteria outlined above, the Council will provide discretionary assistance with travel to and from school if the school is more than three miles from the child's home, as measured by the nearest available walking route, and the parents are receiving:

If the parents' sole source of income is Employment and Support Allowance or Widow's Benefit and one of the following applies:

  • the school is the nearest school of the religious denomination desired by their parents. In those cases where parents are unsuccessful in obtaining a place for their child at their preferred denominational school within Havering, an out- borough denominational school may be considered as the nearest school
  • the school is a maintained school (community, voluntary aided or foundation) located within Havering

Assistance may be given by:

  • the allocation of a seat on a school bus
  • the provision of a prepaid travel card
  • or by reimbursement of travel expenses, up to the value of a travel car

Pupils who have special educational needs

Children who attend special schools or units are provided with transport, or have their travelling expenses paid by the Council, only if this is specified in the child's statement of special educational needs, or during the period of assessment when it is considered likely that it will be specified within the statement of special educational needs, once completed.

Please call 01708 433643 for more information.

Transport on medical grounds

If a child is well enough to attend school but cannot, for medical reasons, either walk there or travel by public transport for a period of time or have suitable arrangements made by their parent(s), arrangements may be made for the child to be transported to and from school during that period.

Supporting medical evidence must be provided before consideration can be given to making any such arrangement.

Application should be made via the Transport Commissioning Unit. You can call them on 01708 433924 or on 01708 433843.

Assistance in future years

Continuing assistance with the costs of home to school/college transport cannot be guaranteed in future years. You should bear this in mind when considering the schools to which you apply.

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